L V Recommends: 5 Songs to Start Your Week With

L V Recommends: 5 Songs to Start Your Week With

With the start of every week comes the realization that the relaxation of the weekend is over. And the weekend most times seems nowhere near long enough following the level of work and stress we might have taken in during the week. The same goes for some of us who’re still working from home due to the pandemic.
Legendvibes have decided to help make your Mondays better with our recommended list of five (5) uplifting songs; a perfect starter for the week.
Tye Tribbett – We Gon’ Be Alright

Offering a powerful uplifting message of hope to people even during the global pandemic, the trap fusion track aims to reinvigorate our faith and trust in God.

We gon’ be alright
I ain’t worried ‘bout it (Oh no)
Don’t you worry ‘bout it (Oh no)
I believe, I receive,
in Your Word that You promised that
We gon’ be alright

TY Bello – He’s Always By My Side

This is a beautiful rendition of a classic praise-worship tune well-known to Africans.  It’s a declaration of faith in God and an expression of confidence in Him knowing He’s always with us.

Terrian – You Still Do

The inspiring fresh track ministers hope, faith, and belief in the superiority of God’s faithfulness in keeping to his promises. The song is co-written by Terian Woods, Riley Friesen & Blake Neesmith and produced by Riley Friesen as well.

It’s a Perfect Everyday Starter!

 Nosa – If God Be For Me

Focused on redemption despite life’s challenges, the uplifting track reminds listeners of the power of God’s unwavering support. The song draws heavily from country music influences, with its guitar-heavy instrumentation.  It’s an everyday declaration, a perfect starter!

EmmyG – E Go Better

This is a soulful piece that inspires optimism and hope.  A pidgin phrase “E Go Better” which translates as “It will be Better”, the Afro-fusion is a reminder it’s going to get better.

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