More than Gold-Judith Kanayo

More than Gold-Judith Kanayo

More Than Gold - Judith Kanayo

Worship Leader/Songwriter, Judith Kanayo a.k.a Judiikay offers something “More than Gold” in her latest single – an addictive worship tune produced by Sunny Pee, which finely mixes African rhythm with soft rock.

If all i have is Jesus, I’ve got something more than gold” – She sings

Judith simply describes More than Gold as; a song birth from the place of intimacy and a testament of one who has now been overwhelmed by the amazing gift of the Father to everyone who believes…and now she takes it a step further to proclaim and share to the world on her birthday.

Listen / Download Below:

The lyrics

Verse 1:Sweet Jesus You’re the wind beneath my wings Sweet Jesus You’re my melody and harmony Sweet Jesus You’re the eyes That I see through Sweet Jesus I’m dancing to your tune

Prechorus:For as the deer pants for waters So my soul longs for you Forever and ever Yes!My heart beats for you (x2)
Chorus:Something More Than Gold,I’ve got something more than gold (x2)

If all I’ve got is Jesus,I’ve got something more than gold I’d tell it to the world Jesus is more than gold

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